Could it be Marc Marquez Move from Honda?

Could it be Marc Marquez Move from Honda?
Manager Marc Marquez, Emilio Alzamora, said the four-time MotoGP world champion is likely to remain loyal to his current team, Honda. According to Alzamora, Honda is still a priority Marquez.

Marquez only defended Honda since its debut in the MotoGP class in 2013. Together with the Japanese manufacturer, Marquez won four MotoGP titles in five years.

Marquez's contract with Honda will be exhausted by the end of 2018. The situation has sparked rumors related to Marquez's future.

In recent weeks, European media have been busy preaching Marquez will leave Honda. The Spaniard is rumored to be moving to KTM in 2019. Speculation was sticking out because Marquez and KTM are both sponsored Red Bull.

However, Alzamora tried to dismiss the news. He claims Marquez still wants to stay at Honda because he does not want to be considered peanuts forget his skin.

"Marc has never forgotten the fact that Honda is a manufacturer that has given him the chance to debut, win the race, and become a MotoGP world champion.John will always be Marc's first choice," said Alzamora as quoted by Motorsport on Wednesday (2017/11/22).

Marc Marquez won the fourth title in the MotoGP class in the 2017 season. The nicknamed Baby Alien rider took three more titles to equal Valentino Rossi's seven-time world champion (500cc / MotoGP) record.
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