The Emergence of the Super Team in the NBA to make Michael Jordan Upset

The Emergence of the Super Team in the NBA to make Michael Jordan Upset
Charlotte - the Charlotte Hornets Owner, Michael Jordan, is not pleased with the growing number of super team in the NBA. According to Jordan, the action teams are vying to collect star players have been damaging the balance of the League.

"From the point of view of competition, the team that would damage the quality of super League from all aspects. Later the NBA will only have two great teams and 28 other teams that looked like garbage. It is not good for business, "said Jordan told the Charlotte Observer, the local media Thursday (12/10/2017).

Golden State Warriors became the first nickname super team after bringing in Kevin Durant in 2016. Some NBA team began following the defending champions in the summer.

Oklahoma City Thunder hook Carmelo Anthony and Paul George to form the big three with Russell Westbrook. Not to be outdone Houston Rockets signed with Chris Paul for bertandem with James Harden.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics bring Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. The presence of Irving and Hayward on the Celtics potentially shake up the dominance of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the eastern region.

In addition to commenting on the super team, Jordan also talked about the best NBA players of all time. Jordan says it was hard picking one player as the greatest.

"I've never played against Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West. So saying one is better than the other that's not fair. I won six NBA titles and Bill Russell grabbed 11 rings. Does it make me better than Russell or vice versa? The answer is no, because we play in a different era, "said Michael Jordan.

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