Ronaldo and Messi Teach 100 Goals in Champions League, Who's Fastest?

Ronaldo and Messi Teach 100 Goals in Champions League, Who's Fastest?
This century's football writers are very lucky because there are two great men in the world of football in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Incidentally the two players are playing in two different clubs in one country, at Real Madrid and Barcelona. Moreover, between the two players have fanatical fans. Interesting to compare between the two.

Messi and Ronaldo are two players who often compete in the pursuit of certain achievements and achievements. In 2017, they are both fighting Ballon d'Or. Ronaldo will struggle to match Messi's five collection awards as the world's best player.

This time, the two human boys will again compete on another achievement, which is collecting 100 goals in the Champions League with a club. Messi need three more goals to touch the number one hundred with Barcelona. Meanwhile Ronaldo scored 95 goals before reaching 100 Champions League goals with Real Madrid.

How much time ago, Ronaldo has reached 100 goals in the Champions League. But the amount he collected with different clubs including when defending Manchester United. Messi has also scored 100 goals in European competition, but that number is a mix between goals at UCL and the European Super Cup.

Please note that Messi collected 97 goals in the Champions League from 118 appearances with Barcelona and Ronaldo scored 95 goals from 91 matches with Real Madrid. Although it appears there are differences in the number of goals, but Ronaldo can be said to be more productive in scoring Champions League goals than with Messi. Percentage, in almost every game, Ronaldo scored one goal with Real Madrid in the competition.

And the Champions League this season alone, Ronaldo has collected five goals from three appearances. The 32-year-old player is always a goal-scoring per game that he lived. Messi meanwhile collected three goals from the same number of appearances as CR7.

Then who will be the fastest in reaching 100 goals in the Champions League in one club, Ronaldo or Messi?

Actually, Messi just need a one-time hat-trick alone to leave Ronaldo to 100 goals. Barcelona will return to meet Olympiakos in the next game in the Champions League. After winning 3-1 at home in the first encounter, Blaugrana will later act as a visiting team. The match will not be easy for Barca for playing away like when facing Sporting Lisbon. It was difficult for Messi to score three goals. In fact it seems he will have trouble scoring goals in the game. If he could, he might only score a maximum of one goal.

After facing the Greek club, Barcelona will meet last season's Champions League finalists, Juventus, in Turin. In the last away game in the Champions League, Barcelona could not speak much of the Italian club. They lost 3-0. And goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon (goalkeeper Juventus) is also not an easy matter for Messi. Throughout his career, Messi scored only two goals against Buffon. Then when meeting with Juventus later, Messi does not seem to be scoring goals.

After Juventus, Barca will meet Sporting Lisbon at Camp Nou. Facing Sporting Lisbon on home soil seems to be younger for Barcelona after in the first encounter in away games can only win 1-0 (thanks to an own goal). The last meeting between Barca and Sporting Lisbon at Camp Nou in the Champions League occurred in 2008 ago. At that Barca win with a score of 3-1. Messi did not score in the game, maybe then he still lost senior with great players like Barca Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto'o.

At this meeting that will take place at the beginning of December tomorrow, Messi is likely to carve 100 goals. If Barca were awarded a penalty, Messi would take the chance. Scoring two or more goals is not impossible for Messi when facing the Portuguese club. So he did not have to delay celebrating his 100th goal in the Champions League with Barcelona in the next round.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo's efforts to reach 100 goals in the Champions League with Real Madrid need extra hard work even in the last three games always scored. In the next three matches in the group stage, Real Madrid will face Tottenham in the away game, then visit APOEL headquarters, and host Borussia Dortmund at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Facing Tottenham at the Bernabeu recently, Real Madrid can only pick a point after a 1-1 draw. Ronaldo scored a goal in the encounter. The last meeting between Real Madrid and Tottenham in England occurred in 2011lalu. At that time, Real Madrid won 1-0. Ronaldo who scored the mere puppet.

Dunno what secret Ronaldo can score goals at UCL with Real Madrid despite the difficult situation. We also believe Ronaldo will return to score one goal when facing Tottenham later, either in the state of his team lost or won.

Real will visit to APOEL headquarters after a trip to Tottenham headquarters. Facing the Cyprus club will be relatively easy for Real Madrid. The last time Real Madrid play against APOEL as the visitors in the Champions League 2012. They can steal full points in a 0-3 win thanks to Kaka and Karim Benzema goals. But seeing Ronaldo's performance this season, he will probably be a key player and score two goals like Benzema back then.

After meeting APOEL, Real Madrid will end the group phase game against Borussia Dortmund at the Bernabeu. At the first meeting in September, Madrid could win 3-1 in Germany.

Dortmund is not an easy opponent to beat. But if you see a record meeting between the two teams, there are always a number of goals created in the Champions League meeting since 2003. At least two goals from both camps.

In the later meetings, there may also be many more goals. Ronaldo will probably miss the scorers. The Portuguese player can score two goals in the game as in previous meetings.

In conclusion Ronaldo and Messi both have a great chance of reaching 100 goals in the Champions League in one club in the Champions League group phase this season. Messi just need an additional three goals and Ronaldo needs five goals. In the last three games, Messi can collect three goals and Ronaldo can also create five goals. There are still three matches left in the Champions League group phase until the end of this year. Then see the performance of both players with their respective clubs in the Champions League, achievement of 100 goals can be achieved by both players in relatively the same time.

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