NBA 2017-2018 game can be Watched Via Virtual Reality

NBA 2017-2018 game can be Watched Via Virtual Reality
New York - the NBA started this season made a breakthrough in the field of broadcast technology for the sake of indulging the audience match. A total of 27 NBA matches involving 30 teams would be broadcast directly through Virtual Reality devices.

Watching NBA matches via Virtual Reality enables the public to feel instantly close match atmosphere. It is supported by the availability of camera viewpoints from various sides in the field.

"We made the game become more real to be enjoyed. Then this new feature will give the impression of the experience of watching basketball in depth, "said NextVR CEO, David Cole, was quoted as saying Friday, USA Today (13/10/2017).

The application of Virtual Reality technology was further expected to spoil the NBA audience. Watch using Virtual Reality technology also makes the audience could know the match data in real-time. This data will be shaped graphics that automatically appear in the field.

Virtual Reality also makes it easy for the spectators watched the match from the angle of 360 degrees feels like being directly in the field. The existence of this kind of sensation made the NBA expects feed back from people in every game for the sake of doing makeovers of the broadcasting sector.

"With a broadcasted game through VR, we can listen to feedback from fans in real-time and make improvements each week. The response from fans of course is very positive and we hope to be soon witnessed the ability of VR this season, "said Vice President NBA Global Media distribution, Jeff Marsilio.

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