Left Neymar, Barcelona Frustrated

Left Neymar, Barcelona Frustrated
Barcelona sporting director Robert Fernandez blames Neymar for Barcelona's defeat at the Supercopa de Espana. According to Fernandez, Neymar's departure to PSG frustrated Barcelona and then lost to Real Madrid in a Spanish Super Cup duel.

As is known, Neymar decided to join the PSG who hijacked him from Barca. PSG is willing to redeem the value of Neymar's buyout at Camp Nou which is worth 222 million euros.

Barcelona has been trying hard to block the transfer. Although in the process was delayed several times, Neymar finally be officially moved to Paris. According to Fernandez, Neymar's departure made Barcelona frustrated.

"The way Neymar's departure really left us with great damage, all in the middle of summer, he left us in a frustrating condition, and it was seen in the Supercopa game," Fernandez said in a meeting with Barcelona club members.

As a substitute for Neymar, Barcelona bought Ousmane Dembele from Borussia Dortmund for a price that could reach 150 million euros. Fernandez also explained that Nelson Semedo is a player who is expected to be the successor to Dani Alves.

"Dembele is a very good player and will contribute greatly after he returned from injury.We also keep looking for right-back after Dani Alves left.We want fast and strong players There are several right-backs who meet those criteria, including Semedo who eventually we bought. "

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