Lakers Powerless Face Clippers

Lakers Powerless Face Clippers
Los Angeles - The Los Angeles Clippers managed to win a duel of one city team cons of Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday (19/10/2017) local time or Friday (20/10/2017) WIB. Playing in front of his own fans at the Staples Center, the Lakers defeated with a score of 92-108.

Clippers have dominated the game since the early minutes. Blake Griffin et al. even capable of winning 27-19 over the Lakers when the first quarter ended.

Entering the second quarter, the Lakers seem difficult to offset the Clippers game. Griffin and DeAndre Jordan continued to bombard the Lakers defense and widened the score difference to 53-42 for Clippers advantage.

Clippers game increasingly unstoppable in the third quarter. Although Jordan Clarkson and Kyle Kuzma tried to cut the Lakers deficit, the difference in scores even widened at the end of the third quarter, namely 87-63 for Clippers advantage.

The fourth quarter fully belongs to the Clippers. Clippers coach, Doc Rivers, then decided to replace some of the main pillars in the last five minutes. Although the Clippers play with the reserve players, the Lakers remain unable to pursue Clippers points. Lakers must also recognize the benefits of Clippers with a difference of 16 points.

Blake Griffin won the Los Angeles Clippers victory with 29 points and 12 rebounds. While in the Los Angeles Lakers stronghold, Brook Lopez became the highest scorers with Raihan 20 points.

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