In the Practice Session, Lorenzo and Crutchlow Fight

Motegi - Jorge Lorenzo Motegi (Ducati) quarrels with Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda) after the two free practice sessions on-shoulder first MotoGP Japan at Twin Ring Motegi, Friday (13/10/2017). Both Lorenzo nor Crutchlow alike blame each other.

The incident involving Crutchlow and Lorenzo occurred in late morning session which took place at the track is wet due to rain. Crutchlow was knocked down when approaching the bend 9 which leads to the left and dragging Lorenzo.

Crutchlow has been dropped after losing control of the motor when the front tires locked up because the brakes on. United Kingdom origin racers it braked hard to avoid contact with Lorenzo is there in front of him. However, the incident was inevitable and both racers were both ended up in the gravel.

After the drop, Crutchlow and Lorenzo shootout involved arguments on the side of the track. Lorenzo claims to be annoyed because instead of apologize Crutchlow instead blaming him as the cause of the accident.

"First, the Cal does not apologize. Instead he says why am I too slow. CAL is indeed like that. However, he personally. Two hours later he came to my Office and apologized. He realized his mistake, "said Lorenzo to Motorsport.

"I was slow, but he should see me that's in front of him. Moreover, it is still the first practice session where racers should avoid doing stupid things. But instead he too aggressive when braked. As a result he lost control of the motor. Whatever it is, he's already apologized so all is fine, "said Lorenzo.

However, Cal Crutchlow to scapegoats. He berkukuh blame Jorge Lorenzo.

"I am sorry for making him fall. But I so looked like criminals. But he's really very slowly on the racing. He was six seconds slower than the previous lap and he knew I drove quickly behind him. Of course, crossing our opinion about the incident. However, I think the crash 60 percent wrong she is, "said Crutchlow.

Crutchlow admits had found Lorenzo after the crash. However, he just wants to make sure Lorenzo is fine and not to apologize.

"The important thing we both just fine. I want to make sure she's not okay, that's it, "said Crutchlow.

Lorenzo says his initial fear of experiencing a broken hand. However, the concern was missing after he performed medical tests.

"My hands are fine. I am very afraid because 20 minutes after the crash my hands swollen and very sore. I am worried that I have a broken bone. Lucky x-ray inspection results showed no bone crack. I was relieved because of an accident that could have made me an injury. When he saw the incident on television, it looks terrible, "said Lorenzo.

Jorge Lorenzo and Cal Crutchlow are equally ended the second free practice session in the top 10. Lorenzo peaked at fourth, while Crutchlow in ninth position.

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